Polystyrene Cups and Lids

Polystyrene Cups and Lids supplied by Rothwells Paper Ltd.

Polystyrene Cups and Lids from Rothwells Paper Ltd.

Polystyrene Cups

Ideal for Hot Drinks and Soup. Insulated foam cups available in a variety of sizes all with a range of uses for both drinks and food.

DC77oz Polystyrene Cups1001000
DC8C8oz Polystyrene Cups1001000
DC1010oz Polystyrene Cups1001000
DC1212oz Polystyrene Cups1001000
DC1616oz Polystyrene Cups1001000


DC44oz Polystyrene Tubs1001000
DC88oz Polystyrene Tubs100500
DT1212oz Polystyrene Tubs100500
DT1616oz Polystyrene Tubs100500


Polystyrene Cups and Lids from Rothwells Paper Ltd.

Plastic Lids with flat and sip thru varieties.

DL4/7Flat Plastic Lids for DC4 and DC71001000
DL8FFlat Plastic Lids for DC8C1001000
DL8CSip thru Lids for DC8C1001000
DL10Flat Plastic Lids for DC101001000
DL10CSip thru Plastic Lids for DC101001000
DL12Flat Plastic Lids for DC121001000
DL12CSip thru Plastic Lids for DC121001000
DL16Flat Plastic Lids for DC161001000
DL16CSip thru Plastic Lids for DC161001000